History Department

Head of Department is Mikhail F. Limonov, a leading researcher of the laboratory "Metamaterials" (ITMO University - http://metalab.ifmo.ru/people/~limonov), chief scientific researcher in Ioffe Institute (http://www.ioffe.ru/index.php ). M. F. Limonov is the author of over 200 scientific publications, h - index of 22.

Educational program "Photonics of dielectrics and semiconductors" ("Technical physics") was developed specially for training of masters and has no analogues in Russia. The learning process will include the implementation of scientific-research works. Masters of the Department will be able to work under the guidance of theorists, or to join different groups of experimentalists and technologists working on the modern equipment by world-class in Ioffe Institute and in the laboratory "Metamaterials" of the ITMO University http://metalab.ifmo.ru/.

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